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Background & Rationale

There is now no question that the world is facing serious consequences from global warming. Despite dire warnings, not enough effective action is being taken to mitigate the consequences. The mission of Woodstock Ecology is to establish a much needed artistic “Voice and Vision” to foster unity and motivate constructive environmental action.

Song and artistic symbols formed the core of the peace and social change movements of the 60s and 70s, becoming a driving force for change. Songs like Give Peace a Chance, Blowin’ in the Wind, We Shall Overcome among many more formed the heart, soul and spirit of the movements for change, motivating and unifying people throughout the world.  Woodstock evolved as a world-renowned creative hub for these creative works.

In stark contrast, the environmental movement does not have a similar artistic core. All our programs at Woodstock Ecology revolve around an artistic center to carry the message and establish a model for integrating the arts with ecological initiatives. Our association with Woodstock as the creative hub will help us to carry our voices beyond the borders of this intensely creative community.

Our Mission

Woodstock Ecology is dedicated to developing a dynamic artistic voice for ecology, conveying a message of hope and a vision for constructive action. Once developed, this creative voice and vision will be a platform to support the many existing ecological initiatives, and will help foster the development of new creative solutions.

The mission & structure of the Woodstock Ecology may be divided into several categories:

  • The “Voice” of Ecology – Establishing and developing works in music, song, dance, poetry & prose to convey the importance of ecological initiatives and the need for constructive action.
  • The “Vision” of Ecology ~ Using the visual arts to convey the ecological movements message.
  • Multimedia & Integration ~ Bringing artists from many disciplines together to combine and integrate their skills in creative and dynamic new ways.
  • Ecological Solutions ~ Many important ecological solutions and ideas already exist; however, they have not been adequately disseminated and integrated into our daily lives. These initiatives will be highlighted at our Woodstock Ecology Networking Events and actively coordinated in conjunction with the companion ecology information and solutions site EcoAlliances www.ecoalliances.org.
  • Networking ~ Linking area ecology initiatives as well as Social Networking to the larger international community in order to develop and foster a more unified force.

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