One Little Tree


One Little Tree is a reforestation initiative that starts with children. It starts very small – but, like a tree is designed to grow big and tall.

Combating climate change can feel overwhelming.  Individuals often feel there is little they can do. The One Little Tree initiative is designed to show that starting with a small, doable action, we can make a difference. Planting trees is one of the most important and effective things we can do, as trees take in greenhouse gas and give off oxygen to combat climate change. In order to make the idea and the trees grow, we need to create a nourishing environment. Children will be taught by a naturalist how to take care of a tree. In addition, to keep the idea growing, music is just the thing we need. Woodstock Ecology’s songwriters will work with the children to develop One Little Tree songs.  Each group might have their own song.

Steps to making One Little Tree grow:

  • The children in one group will start by planting just One Little Tree.
  • They will be taught why trees are important and how trees can help with the environment to combat Climate Change.
  • The children will have the job of planting the tree, taking care of it and watching it grow in nature.
  • As the idea catches on, other classes, schools and groups will become involved. Then One Little Tree will start to grow and develop.

So that is the very simple idea. Plant a tree and pass it on. As the tree grows and grows, so does the idea. And then, like the magic of a tree growing and growing, the idea can grow and grow. Then, just maybe, many, many children will be planting and caring for more and more trees.

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