About Us

Woodstock Ecology is organized and directed by Marty Korn of and Elly Wininger of Woodstock NY.

Marty Korn, Founder & Director Woodstock Ecology

Marty Korn

Marty is passionately devoted to developing creative cost-effective sustainable solutions to climate change and integrating music and the arts with these initiatives. He has studied environmental systems science issues extensively and focuses on cost-effective means of intervention with low risk and maximum benefits. These solutions are well documented in his companion ecology solutions website EcoAlliances www.ecoalliances.org. He believes we must effectively learn to manage escalating ecological issues if we are to stabilize the global environment ecologically, economically and socially.

Other initiatives by Marty include:

  • Marty also has established a full multimedia company entitled Woodstock Dreams Media www.woodstockdreams.com
  • Marty is a stone & natural wood artist and utilizing stone remnants to make unique products. His web site for his stone work is www.martybstone.com.

Elly Wininger, Artistic Director

Elly WiningerElly is a singer/songwriter/guitarist who is a member of the NY Blues Hall of fame. She has developed and implemented arts programs for Putumayo World Music, the ARC of Delaware County, the Pine Hill Community Center, the Arts Society of Kingston NY, the Brooklyn Public Library and other non-profit organizations. Her radio documentaries have won multiple awards including one from the United Nations Department of Information. In addition to being a touring musician, Elly hosts the quarterly “Catskill Cabaradio” on WIOX Roxbury NY. Her website is www.ellywininger.com

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